Daily Motivation... 5/29/18

Sometimes (most times) you just can't sugar-coat your daily pep-talks!

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The Long...and sometimes short of it...

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Hello Dear Readers, just a quick post in regard to word counts. In writing, word count dicates what your story is classified as. Be it a Short Story,Novellete,Novella or Novel. The page count is irrelevant. Especially when it comes to Ebooks. An Author can have their work formattaed and know exactly how many pages the work should be. Load it on Amazon ( who always shorts page counts BTW) and all the other online vendors and each place will show a different page count according to their system. Your favorite Authors are NOT trying to mis-lead you in the event you see different page counts at various ebook vendors. So with this post, I just wanted to let my readers know what I personally go by when classifying my books. This is the only chart I utilize. Also just a reminder that I write all forms depending on the story I'm telling,but I will always price accordingly. You'll never see me publish a Short-Story and charge the same price as I would a Novella or Novel.
You can also read more about word count classifications here.

Happy Memorial Day...

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Memorial Day!I'm having a relaxing day with my family and the BBQ is going. Have a blessed day everyone ~ Candace aka Ms.Bam

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I ran across this article last night and thought it was really interesting. Unless you're just a straight out homophobe,it will make you question some of your ways of thinking. I especially like the part where it asked why it was so easy to accept pictures of two women together,even encouraged but when it came to two men being pictured together it's an issue. I'm really annoyed by the fact a lot of men really feel all women have an inner Lesbian just waiting to come out.Literally. So not true. At any rate,enjoy the article.

13 Reasons Why- Season 2

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So, I watched season 1 of this with my two youngest children.It was a good show and lead to a lot of discussion between us in regard to peer pressure,suicide,having someone to talk to and for me what I really wanted to express to my kids was that especially during their teenage years,the problems of high-school are truly a mere snapshot in their life. All the people you who think are so important in your day to day life, the in crowds, the out crowds will literally the day you get your high-school diploma mean NOTHING to you.Most people take a handful of friends from high-school with them into the next phase of their lives. But I digress, I'm having such a hard time getting into this new season. There is just way too much teenage angst going on! I saw a scene in a coffee shop and it was full of teenagers drinking coffee and shit! I was like really? Is this how all the teenagers are doing it these days? I mean...I guess. I'll try to make it through the whole season. I torture myself that way. Once I start,it's hard for me to bail on it. I'll check back in,so far I've only made it to episode three. ~ Candace


I saw this young man initally on the Shaderoom's Instagram page and was blown away by his talent. So much so,I've shared it on several of my social media platforms. I also had my son watch it. Why not grab some inspiration from kids his age? I hope you enjoy this,I certainly did.

New Release 5/22/18 - Danielle

 It's been four long years since plus-sized beauty Danielle Dotson has let real love into her life. Since the un-timely death of her high school sweetheart, Danielle has concentrated on nothing but fulfilling her dreams of becoming a successful business owner. Too disillusioned with men more concerned about the size of her jeans instead of the size of her heart. Love could come later. If it came at all.Danielle would never have thought being pressured into a last minute blind-date by her favorite cousin aka best-friend would drop the perfect man in her lap. Perhaps a little too perfect for her.

Christian Lawrence is far from perfect. At least that's what his Ex said. Christian finds himself in a new city trying to piece his life back together after a break-up he should have seen coming a mile away. The only thing he walked away from after a four year relationship was a beautiful daughter and a scorned heart. That is until he's introduced to Danielle a woman unlike every woman he's ever found himself attracted to before. The really issue is are those differences just enough to bring them together, or pull them apart?
Danielle is Volume 1 of an on-going standalone series dedicated to plus-size women(or men ?) called Heavy On My Mind


Daily Motivation 5/21/18

Mic drop...

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Just A Little....

...ratchet music! This video is chock full of Kill Bill vibes. I for one think Cardi's team needs to do better with what they present to her.A lot of the themes she uses have already been done and are completely unoriginal. I know everything old is new but when you can spot it on first glance, you need to come harder. I don't give a damn what anyone has to say. I love Cardi B. I'm rooting for this young woman to win and change her life for the better. Who wouldn't root for the underdog to win? The other week she had some issues with Azealia Banks...or rather Azealia had an issue with Cardi B. but who the hell doesn't Azealia have an issue with? Granted she told no lies in her assessment of Cardi B but I for one think she takes issue with anyone doing better than her. It's like she's scratching and climbing to make a name for herself while putting other women down. So even though she was speaking a lot of truth, no one wants to hear it from a person who proves to be a hater through and through. But I digress. Enjoy the video.

What In The World...

....am I doing up wide awake watching the royal wedding on CNN? I mean WTH? Okay I'll be honest, I'm totally watching by default. I'm up pulling an all nighter writing and had been literally sitting in one position for HOURS ( my ass is going to turn into a pancake ) so I decided to camp out in the living room for a change of scenery. I figured why not attend the wedding since I'm awake any way. Best of luck to the newlyweds!

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My Thoughts and Prayers....

go out to the victims of yet another school shooting. It's horrible to think that people actually feel like it's their right to take an innocent persons life. I don't give a damn what they've been through,it doesn't give you the right to kill people. I know they say hurt people, hurt people but I honestly feel like in a lot of these mass killers case it's an excuse. Everyone goes through some bullshit in their life at one point or another. You move on from it and grow. I especially mean this for these high-school killers. Do they not realize high-school is a mere snapshot in their lives? SMH. I could go on,but I won't. Prayers going out to the victims and their families.

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Thanks In Advance...

If you've read a book by me and left your honest review! I sincerely appreciate your feedback good or bad. Your reviews also let other potential Readers know if it may be a book they might enjoy. THANK YOU!

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Amen! Wishing anyone who comes across this a blessed and beautiful day .

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Today's Mood...

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But seriously, have a good day ! Oh and did you grab Sista-Wives 1 & 2 yet? Why not? 1-Click the complete series!

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