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Get out of the damn car Londyn, I thought. Granted I’d been saying this to myself for the last thirty minutes as I sat in the sweltering heat inside my car. It was way too hot for this shit but my body felt immobile. The reality of rejection had me paralyzed. Nothing I said to myself motivated me to open the car door. I still had a hard time believing after three long years I was starting over from scratch.
Why did every relationship I find myself in, end up leaving me out in the cold? Walking away to start anew. Three years of struggling to giving my all to this man and here I was, starting all over once again. Nothing but the clothes on my back, a car full of all the raggedy, crushed boxes I could find at various grocery stores to throw my meager belongings in and a broken heart.
Another woman was moving into the home I’d created with the man I’d loved since I was 20 years old. I’d given my all to this man. Done everything I could possibly do to make him happy. All while attending nursing school. Evidently, while I was out trying to secure a future for us, he had other plans.
My shaking hand quickly swiped the tears violently streaming down my face. Get over it Londyn. Things didn’t work out with Alex but this is the last time.
I swear to God this is the last time anyone will ever leave Londyn Lewis.
Chapter1- Six Years Later - Present Day
“ Hey Ma.” I said answering my cell-phone on the first ring. I started not to even answer the phone but I had no reason not to treat Cornell’s mother with anything but respect. Yes, she’d raised a son who was a liar, cheater and who seemed to disrespect every woman he met with the exception of her and his older sister Tasha, but I knew for a fact he didn’t get that mess from her or his father. So I wasn’t going to be nasty and rude to her. She didn’t deserve that. I walked around the break room to make sure I was the only one inside. The last thing I needed were these nosy bitches all in my business. Shockingly I was the only one here. I was about thirty minutes early. Half of these lazy asses came in just in time to clock in. I always made it a point to be early.
“ Londyn baby have you heard from that crazy ass son of mine?”
“ No Ma’am. Mrs. Jackson you do know Cornell broke up with me last week right? To my understanding Cornell is dating a friend of Tasha’s.”
I heard Mrs. Jackson gasp on the other end of the line. Okay, looks like I can keep being nice to her a little longer. She genuinely sounded shocked by the news.
“What? Oh my God Londyn I’m so sorry! Why does is seem like I’m the last person to be in the loop? You mean y’all ain’t living together? Where is he living? And who is this low-down friend of Tasha’s?” Mrs. Jackson fired off a rapid string of questions.
“ No Ma’am. Cornell moved out and took all his things. I still have a few odds and ends but he grabbed the majority of his stuff. I was under the impression he was back over to your house. Or maybe he’s staying with his new woman. I’m sorry you didn’t hear it from me sooner but…,” I said trying to keep my voice in check. I had just gotten to work and the last thing I wanted to do was to start falling apart. I’d been doing my damnedest to keep shit together. It had been one hell of a week coming to terms with the fact the man I’d dedicated the last six years of my life to could so easily dismiss me and everything I thought I meant to him for another woman. I was still getting over the shock of it all.
“But what baby?” Mrs. Jackson probed.
“Well Cornell told me straight out to stay away from his family. Not to call any of you anymore. He told me all this time y’all never really cared for me and that I’d only be embarrassing myself if I did. The break up came as such a shock to me, honestly I didn’t know what to think.”
“ Baby why didn’t you come to me? You know damn well I’d never say anything so crazy. You’re like my own child. You wait until I lay eyes on this son of mine.” Mrs. Jackson stated tearfully. We’d built a close bond over the last six years. Without a doubt she was the mother I’d always craved since losing my own mother to ovarian cancer at the age of 16. Mrs. Jackson filled a void I’d been missing since a teenager.
“ I wish I could have. I’ve certainly needed someone to talk too this past week Mrs. Jackson but what would it have solved? Just because Cornell’s Mama loves me, doesn’t mean he does. I know how close you two are and the last thing I want is for anyone to think I was causing problems in your family. Plus like I said, this woman is supposed to be a good friend of Tasha’s so that makes it even worse.” I replied sadly even though my insides were bubbling like a volcano on the verge of erupting. After all the things I’ve done for his mannish looking sister. She would dare to hook my man up with one of her friends? The only reason that bitch was riding in a car now was because I’d put the car in my damn name. That bitch better be ready to start walking because I’d already had it picked up earlier today.
“ Well I know one thing he’s a damn fool! You’re the best thing to walk into his life and I’m damn sure going to let his ass know. Whoever this scally-wag is he’s cheating on you with, I’ma let her ass know too! Cornell better not bring her into my damn house I know that much.” Mrs. Jackson said hotly. I had to hold my hand over the mouth-piece of my phone so she wouldn’t hear me snickering . Mrs. Jackson stayed in church, so to hear her damn near going off shocked me. During the six years Cornell and I had been together I’d rarely seen or heard her going off on anyone.  It was nice to know she cared about me just as much as I did her.
“ I’m sure he’ll be over soon enough Ma. You know Cornell doesn’t stay away from you too long. He missed Sunday dinner too?”
“ Yes baby, I found that odd. But you know how men are. I guess it’s this new piece of tail he’s laid up under. You wait until he shows his face. Well let me call Tasha and see if she’s heard from him. Baby…,”
“ Yes Ma?”
“ Now I just want you to know, just because you and Cornell are apart right now, don’t feel like you can’t come around here. I love you like one of my own daughters. So please keep in touch baby. I’m going in my prayer room on this tonight! I know it might be too soon for me to say this because I can only imagine how hurt you are right now, but I’m even going to pray you have some forgiveness in your heart for my son’s actions. I know he loves you baby. A lot of men just need to test the waters some before they’re ready to settle down and start a family. I know my son loves you. He’s told me himself how much he loves you Londyn.”
“ I love you too. I promise to keep in touch. It means a lot to hear those words Mrs. Jackson. I hope this is something we can work through as well.” I said before getting off the phone. I loved Mrs. Jackson and all but the last thing I wanted to hear right then is her going on and on about her sorry ass son.

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