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As if high school wasn't stressful enough, throw in being a girl from the hood attending one of the top private schools in the city, Windham Academy. Just getting across town to attend five days a week is no easy task. But senior Cynamon Brown has been doing it with style and grace the last four years. Cynamon can't wait to graduate and leave the school where she feels like she never really fit in. She's also anxiously awaiting graduation and looking forward to attending college and leaving behind a hectic home-life where she feels more like the parent than a carefree child. Things are going along exactly as she planned when a curveball is thrown her way. Out of nowhere the very students, she's spent the last four years avoiding, vote her prom queen. It's the icing on a very salty cake for a few students who believe they're more deserving than Cynamon. The added drama that comes along with a title she never wanted or needed is fueled even further when elected to be her king, is one of the most popular guys in the Senior class Dash Knight. Jealousy, envy, and chaos are soon to follow but the students at Windham Academy will soon find out that before she was ever elected prom queen, Cynamon Brown was a Project Princess who never wanted to wear the crown. Until they tried to take it from her.

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