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Boys Over Flowers

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Over a year ago or so I watched this show with my teenage daughter and actually found myself really enjoying it. There were a ton of episodes( Subtitles) but I braved through them with my daughter and it was my first taste of a K-Drama. It was good, a little over the top with the acting but I took it for what it was. Then last night as I was browsing Netflix, I saw a new show and decided to check it out because I'm always looking for shows my daughter and I can watch together. I found this show and began to watch.

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Which is an almost exact replica of the original show with a new cast. I'm a bit lost as to why they even made a 2018 version of the show. It's basically the same scene for scene. There are a few slight and I do mean slight changes but that's about it. So if you've watched this before it may be a complete time waste to even check out the 2018 version of the show. As of today's day, there are 16 episodes listed with new episodes added weekly. The original show had 25 episodes so we'll see if Meteor Garden will have more.

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