Rest In Paradise Prince....

Well today is a sad day for Prince fans around the world. Another legendary icon gone way too soon.
I'm sad.
I adored this man's music especially his earlier works. I can remember my then teenage cousins exposing me to his work in the 80's and I've been a fan every since. I can vividly recall standing in line at the Totem movie theater with my best-friend to see Purple Rain. Sigh. This hit me hard today. I'd just sat down to the computer a little after 8am this morning preparing for a day of writing for next months new release.Needless to say my day has been shot to hell. I thought to myself why is his death hitting me so hard? We've lost many other musical icons. Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston but this is hitting me a little hard I think because as a celebrity, I admired the way he conducted himself. I liked that he was private. I enjoyed the fact that with Prince, all you had to do is enjoy the music. If he was a drug user, he was private about it.Know what I mean? His every indiscretion wasn't splashed all over the news. If it was, it was in small doses. He was about the music and any public controversies he had were about his music. There's more I could say but honestly I'm too sad to write about it. My day will consist of listening to my favorite Prince songs. The man has left us ,but his music will live on. Rest In Peace Prince Rogers Nelson.

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