Candace ( Or Insert Various Pen Name) Where's the damn book?

Okay, this is a touchy topic but I feel like I should address it. Some may not agree with me saying it. But it is what it is. So here goes.
There are some readers who've read certain books by me who I know wonder where is the conclusion to the goddamn book Candace? I've been waiting YEARS for this and it hasn't been released yet? What kind of Author are you? Do you write that slow? Hell did you forget you wrote the book at all and didn't conclude it?
Well here's the answer to the this nagging, pesky question.
I write books for a living. Not for a hobby, to kill time or any of the other millions of reasons people write books. Here's an upfront apology from me to those waiting on a few series conclusions. I AM SORRY. I really am. But as stated above, I do this for a living and to provide for my children. If I release a book and it doesn't take off the way that I, CANDACE determines it needs to. It gets shelved and will be finished when have the time to do it.
Now first let me state this. I'm not the type of person who determines if a book is a hit by it topping the Amazon charts etc.. ( there are dozens of places to sell books, Amazon is only one. ) but if it's a slow seller and the people who do purchase it are silently supporting the book, by not leaving reviews,commenting on social media, telling their friends so they in turn buy the book. I REALLY have no way of knowing if anyone is interested in a conclusion to the book.
I have no problem being inboxed on various social media spots and being asked about my books. I love it in fact. But before you inbox me about a book,please leave a review. I've had awesome compliments on book in my inbox. Copy and paste what you said in my inbox on a review where you bought the book in addition to speaking to me. Also it will take more than one person asking me over and over about it for me to take the time out of a very busy schedule to write it as well.
I regrettably gave a reader a release date on one such book and was unable to meet that deadline. Once again SORRY but this is the reason why. Hopefully by my putting this out here Readers understand more the business side of being an Author. Yes we write for the love of it, but for a lot of us books are also a business and as the old saying goes, if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense! Thanks for your understanding~ Candace

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