Why Isn't It In Kindle Unlimited?

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Because it simply isn't. There is no other reason.
I'm an Author who wants Readers everywhere. I do have a small selection of books that are listed in Kindle Unlimited, but all of my books are not, nor will ever be totally enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. There will be books I write where I do list them in the program for a short while and after 90 days they'll list everywhere. There are books of mine that will never be part of the Kindle Unlimited program. If you require every book you read to be listed in Kindle Unlimited in order to support me, I'm definitely not the Author for you. Personally speaking, if there is a book by an Author I want to read, I support their project no questions asked. Kindle Unlimited or not. So I thought I would address this question since it was asked of me yesterday. Also for me, there is no certain timeframe to when or if a book I write will be listed in Kindle Unlimted so no need to ask. To those who support me regardless, you are appreciated.

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