I Got Sucked In ....

When I heard there was going to be a T.V. series involving the OJ Simpson trial, I groaned...loudly. I thought to myself I'll be damned if I waste a second of my time investing in a show about the coon, yes I said COON named OJ Simpson.
I just couldn't do it. Then my dear friend Ebonik Gibson told me I was missing out and how great the show was. Since she's my oldest friend and I respect her opinion I reconsidered. It took me DAYS to actually dig it up to watch it but when I did? I was hooked!
Here's what I loved about the episodes I watched ( 9 thus far. At this writing I think there are 10 available to watch ) the series is more concentrating on the interaction between all of the lawyers and what they go through trying to prosecute/defend OJ. So if you're on the fence about watching the story of a man who got away with murder ( we all know he did it. Fuck that glove not fitting!) give the series a chance. Also Courtney B. Vance is so under-rated as an actor. He was born to play the role of Johnny Cochran.

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