The Master Book List

1. ParkCrest View- The Love Chronicles
2. The Story of Us
3.Soul Cry 1- The Ten Year Girlfriend - FREE
4.Soul Cry 2 - Always A Girlfriend Never A Wife
5.Love Locked Down
6. Love Locked Down 2 (Dana's Got A Gun)
7. The Pussy Pounders
8. The Break-Up Plan
9. The Conversation
10.Something I Never Had
11. Don't Knock It Until You Try It
12. Lying For Your Love
13. Love.Lies.Lessons. Tyson & Nakita (A PKC View Back Story )
14. ParkCrest View - The Back Story (Trevonne & Darien)
15. Pretty.Young.Thugs.
16. Pleasing.Professor.Peterson. ( A Novelette ) (Pleasing.Professor.Petersen. Book 1)
17. Pleasing.Professor.Peterson: Tianna's Truth
18. Workplace Affairs ( Who's Watching Who? ) A Novelette
19. Watch Over Me ( A Novelette )


20. Hoes Be Winning: Hoes Need Love Too
21. Hoes Be Winning 2: (These Hoes Ain't Got No Manners!)
22. Hoes Be Winning 3 - The Final Hoedown
23. Ballad Of A Bad Bitch
24. Ballad Of A Bad Bitch 2: Love, Lyrics & Lies
25. Ballad Of A Bad Bitch 3: The Last Serenade
26. Shot Through The Heart
27. SistaWives
28. SistaWives 2
29. Dirty Hearts
30. No One Leaves Londyn

I also have two other pen-names I write under that bring the total number to 37 published books.(More to come!)

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